Infernal Restraints is a BDSM website like no other.
Realistic and gritty, boundary-pushing and sometimes shocking, other bondage websites pale in comparison. That does not mean Infernal Restraints is for every bdsm-lover however... because make no mistake: this is real hardcore torture mixed with relentless bondage. The devices that are used are hand-made and 100% original, not available in stores etc. These restraints are a mix between medical apparatuses and inquisition-like torture devices.
But where this website really excels is mindgames. PD restricts the movement of his models so thoroughly that there is no room for physical struggle. So what happens is the fight retreats into her head, and we get to see the gorgeous sight of a beautiful girl struggling to hold back her orgasm in order to avoid harsh punishment.

STILL Featuring Elise Graves

Elise uses very dirty words. When PD uses her dirty mouth as an ashtray before he fucks it, it is clear that her mouthhole is not the only dirty opening in elise’s body. He delves into her pussy and asshole only to find out how hard she can scream… or how hard she can cum! The real perversity comes when PD opens her ass with a speculum and electrocutes the inside of her ass with a sparker. Now THAT hurt! After that ordeal, elise endures a severe caning.

The second part is not any easier for our slut. Whipped to tears while bound to a post and forced to stand on narrow pipes, she’s gagged to stop the annoying sobs. Only when PD wants his cock sucked does the gag come out. She still needs some practise to please PD completely though, and to let her know he whips her ass, cunt and tits. NOW she’s sucking properly.

Bound upside down, elise is once again whipped on the pussy. big red marks appear on her thighs and asscheeks. More fucking. More dildofucking. More vibrators… she finally cums…

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