Infernal Restraints is a BDSM website like no other.
Realistic and gritty, boundary-pushing and sometimes shocking, other bondage websites pale in comparison. That does not mean Infernal Restraints is for every bdsm-lover however... because make no mistake: this is real hardcore torture mixed with relentless bondage. The devices that are used are hand-made and 100% original, not available in stores etc. These restraints are a mix between medical apparatuses and inquisition-like torture devices.
But where this website really excels is mindgames. PD restricts the movement of his models so thoroughly that there is no room for physical struggle. So what happens is the fight retreats into her head, and we get to see the gorgeous sight of a beautiful girl struggling to hold back her orgasm in order to avoid harsh punishment.

ON THE HORSE Featuring Beverly Hills

beverly the kinky slut makes a great fuckdoll. Sister Dee strings her up like a puppet and figures out that there are a lot of fun things to do with a sexy little lovedoll like her. She’s just getting started, though…

The wooden horse in the centre of the room looks like an ideal target for beverly’s cunt. She is put in spreader bars and slowly lowered on to the device. The dildo on top of it gives our slut some relief at least, but even it can’t prevent the pain that follows from having her vagina almost split in two. Now Sister Dee uses a flogger on our pretty subject. beverly finally gets to cum when a vibrator is applied to her aching clit.

After that ordeal, beverly is ready for anthing.
Strong nippleclamps are applied to her cunt lips and titties. All of her holes are filled. Cock, dildo and asshook keep her busy. Our randy subject’s pussy starts to juice up from all this action, and after a good facial she is allowed to squirt for herself.

and view the entire 36:14 Min / 195.5 MB video