Infernal Restraints is a BDSM website like no other.
Realistic and gritty, boundary-pushing and sometimes shocking, other bondage websites pale in comparison. That does not mean Infernal Restraints is for every bdsm-lover however... because make no mistake: this is real hardcore torture mixed with relentless bondage. The devices that are used are hand-made and 100% original, not available in stores etc. These restraints are a mix between medical apparatuses and inquisition-like torture devices.
But where this website really excels is mindgames. PD restricts the movement of his models so thoroughly that there is no room for physical struggle. So what happens is the fight retreats into her head, and we get to see the gorgeous sight of a beautiful girl struggling to hold back her orgasm in order to avoid harsh punishment.

HOLD STILL (Part Two) Featuring Elise Graves

PD plays ‘Hold Still’ with elise, but it’s a one-sided game. In horrible predicament bondage and shocked with the cattle prod, holding still isn’t an easy task. elise is visibly enjoying the attention her clit recieves, judgung by the amount of juice running from her thighs, but the sensations are simply too much for her and tears start rolling from her eyes. Only when Sister Dee decides she’s had enough the torture stops.

Now for part two of the devilish game: unable to move an inch she is fingered in her cunt and asshole. Her breasts are tied to her toes while the torturers play with her body like a ragdoll. She’s screaming and crying when PD runs his knife over her feet…
When she does get to cum, the brutal stretching of her nipples will surely ruin all the fun she might have. What cruelty…

and view the entire 35:48 Min / 193.0 MB Video