Infernal Restraints is a BDSM website like no other.
Realistic and gritty, boundary-pushing and sometimes shocking, other bondage websites pale in comparison. That does not mean Infernal Restraints is for every bdsm-lover however... because make no mistake: this is real hardcore torture mixed with relentless bondage. The devices that are used are hand-made and 100% original, not available in stores etc. These restraints are a mix between medical apparatuses and inquisition-like torture devices.
But where this website really excels is mindgames. PD restricts the movement of his models so thoroughly that there is no room for physical struggle. So what happens is the fight retreats into her head, and we get to see the gorgeous sight of a beautiful girl struggling to hold back her orgasm in order to avoid harsh punishment.

Star has a very hard time cumming. It’s not that it takes all that long, but she has an extremely sensitive clit and the vibrators Sister Dee has are just SO intense. The first vibrator makes Star start moaning but Sister Dee tells her to keep it to herself. Her first orgasm follows shortly. The second vibe comes with its own special twist, a current running through Star’s pussy. This time the moans are mixed with pained screams, but she still manages an intense orgasm. Her final orgasm is the true challenge though. She struggles to cum while she struggles to breathe. Some gasps get air, others just mouthfuls of water. Sister Dee isn’t concerned with how long it takes or how hard she works, though. All that matters is that Star suffers and that she does as she’s told.

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Tia is gorgeous
Her tits are perky and firm
Her pussy is tight

The hooks, gags and steel
Of PD’s genius bondage
Make her pussy wet

And she cums for him
Whenever he so commands
Her body is his.

PD’s cock is hard
So Tia will have to suck
She exists to please.

And she will feel pain
Brought from canes, whips and floggers
The Price of Pleasure.

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dia zerva is a hot piece of ass that PD never gets tired of fucking with. For some reason the slut just doesn’t appreciate his attention as much as she should. The stocks he has her in are strong enough to hold her tight no matter how much she struggles. Being restrained teaches her to be a good bitch for him.

He stands her up on a wedge and then wooden spikes to teach her to stand up straight. They are murder on her feet but it is better than disappointing PD. In exchange for being allowed to remove her feet from the spikes she begs for the honor of being PD’s slut. Being allowed to even touch his cock means a lot to her and she shows her gratitude by taking a beating from his cane. The same thing happens when he fucks dia’s face. First she takes his cock, then she takes his cane, doing everything she can to please him.

dia’s tits are too nice to go unadorned. PD has a pair of very intense, weighted clamps that would look perfect on them. He attaches them to her nipples and she instantly starts screaming. she begs him to let her please him. she doesn’t care which one of her holes he wants to fuck or hurt, as long as it makes his dick hard. He canes her feet and legs, then flicks at her pussy before he decides to fill her up with an inflatable cock. It goes in her cunt first but since she can’t hold it there she has to suck on it while he vibrates her clit. If she was better at flexing her snatch she could come with it in her but this slut’s twat needs more training. PD does give it a work out with his own dick, though.

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With her hood on catherine doesn’t know if she has her privacy or not. So when she has to pee she just has to pray that no one is watching. PD keeps good track of his bitches, and he loves seeing them humiliated. But pissing in public is not something that can go unpunished. He grabs his whip and begins to work it over her body. Each snap brings a sharp yell from her lips. The gag he puts in her mouth lets him pour more water down her throat until she can’t take any more.

While PD is waiting for all of that water to make its way down he has to entertain himself somehow. He does so by tormenting her tits with a cane and then clamping her nipples to her fingers. Every time she struggles they pull tight and she has a lot of fight in her. It takes a while before she starts to pee and there is a lot of pain to endure in the mean time.

PD runs a current right into catherine’s ass and starts to cane it to a nice, bright pink. The gag in her mouth is getting tiresome and he decides that his cock is a much better fit. He fucks her face with her ass hole full of electricity until he feels like he’s had enough, then turns the current going through her up even further. she’s hooded by a sack and when he soaks it with water it becomes even more difficult for her to breathe. And for her perseverance she is rewarded. He vibrates her clit and it feels amazing to her. Even with the charge in her ass rising in intensity she can’t stop herself from loving it.

PD has a device for every occasion. When he has a bitch that needs to have all her holes filled there is a perfect way to keep her in the right position. Her face and pussy are right at cock level and if she doesn’t want to do the work, the entire apparatus rocks for easy fucking. her cunt is wet and ready for dick and PD is always looking bury his. And when he’s had enough she’s still a horny slut. she loves his vibrator and enjoys it even more with his hands in her holes. she comes fast and she comes hard, and she doesn’t stop until PD has decided she has had enough.

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ON STAGE Featuring Calico

January 27th, 2010

calico has the look of a stuck up bitch about her. she’s too pretty for her own good and while that may have helped her on the outside, now that she’s in PD’s clutches it just means she’ll be even more tempting to punish. PD is inspecting her body to make sure it’s all it should be and every time she doesn’t follow his orders fast or well enough she gets a freezing cold jet of water to make her more compliant. her body is amazing, almost completely perfect, but PD will add the bruises and marks for the finishing touches before he’s finished with her.

calico is bent over in stocks that leave her ass open to all forms of torment. Getting it finger fucked is a gentle reprieve from the caning and clips that were making her cringe. she is such an ass slut that it gets her wet. Since she like having that hole filled so much PD decides to see how she feels about having both of them stuffed. Mr. Pogo takes her cunt while PD slides some large metal beads right into her back door. A vibrator completes the play and the experience has calico begging for permission to have an orgasm.

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jade is just the right kind of girl to find on the side of the road. she’s hot, she’s alone and she’s dumb enough to get into the car with PD. They don’t make it very far before there’s “car trouble” and he uses it as the perfect excuse to abduct his pretty prey. she’s too hot not to violate, no matter how much she protests.

PD is going to make sure that pussy gets stuffed over and over until it can’t take anymore. her cunt is exhausted and so PD sticks her in a cage for safe keeping. He gives the bitch her bread and water. The complaint department is right at the end of his cattle prod. Every time she bitches about her dinner he takes it straight to her ass

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PD’s bitches have a lot of uses. dia is the kind of cunt you can get a lot of mileage out of. When she isn’t getting fucked or tormented PD has her working around the farm to keep everything in order. Good bitches even help set up their own predicaments. A little water and mud may not seem so bad at first, but once dia is covered from head to toe in the bitter cold her defeated whimpers are a sure sign the torment is working.

Of course PD cleans his toys before he puts them away and why should this slut be any different. He would waste hot water on showering a bitch but the freezing cold hose should do nicely. He even makes sure to spend extra time cleaning out her dirty little pussy. dia loves it so much she’s cumming from the intensity. When she’s had enough PD sticks her back in her cabinet for safe keeping.

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beverly the kinky slut makes a great fuckdoll. Sister Dee strings her up like a puppet and figures out that there are a lot of fun things to do with a sexy little lovedoll like her. She’s just getting started, though…

The wooden horse in the centre of the room looks like an ideal target for beverly’s cunt. She is put in spreader bars and slowly lowered on to the device. The dildo on top of it gives our slut some relief at least, but even it can’t prevent the pain that follows from having her vagina almost split in two. Now Sister Dee uses a flogger on our pretty subject. beverly finally gets to cum when a vibrator is applied to her aching clit.

After that ordeal, beverly is ready for anthing.
Strong nippleclamps are applied to her cunt lips and titties. All of her holes are filled. Cock, dildo and asshook keep her busy. Our randy subject’s pussy starts to juice up from all this action, and after a good facial she is allowed to squirt for herself.

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Dia Zerva does not like her new living space. Screaming for help isn’t going to do her any good either. Her foot is wired to her prison bars and subjected to all sorts of torture. Electricity, impact, even fire hurt her soles and there is nothing she can do about it.
Her face and cunt are also easy to fuck from outside the cage. dia is such a whore that after all this torture and humiliation she still begs PD to let her cum on his dick when it’s inside of her. The orgasm is so intense that it leaves her sobbing and crying…

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tia wants to please PD very much. He’s a cruel man and it’s even worse when he’s unhappy. If this slut wants to have an enjoyable stay she’s gonna have to follow orders, plain and simple. Made to fuck herself with a improvised fucking-stick, tia works her own cunt like a pro. But as if the forced orgasms aren’t difficult enough, the extra demand to endure them in silence are just too much for her. Now, usually PD would just shove his cock in this slutty mouth but today he’s got more devious plans.

Inside the tank no one can hear you scream… Our slut is going to be down there for some time, even with rising water levels. She cannot get out, she’ll have to endure. Until PD decides to use her again.

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